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Hard Candy

Jenny’s Clear Toy Candy

​A little history: German immigrants are credited with bringing this hand-crafted candy to America. The history dates back as far as the 1700’s when made with barley sugar and called “Glass Candy” due to its clear as glass appearance. In the 1800’s cane sugar became more accessible and barley sugar lost its popularity. In the 1900’s it was molded into shapes using cast iron molds and people started calling it “Clear Toy Candy”.

Now you can enjoy a taste of this sweet, housemade nostalgia from Lehighton, PA. Preservative free and made of natural flavors, this craved hard candy sweet is known to have a flavor resembling cotton candy. Jenny’s Smiles are available year-round. During the winter, we pour in bite sized holiday and lollipop specific shapes.

*Clear Toy Candies are created year-round however, due to temperature and humidity, we can only ship during the winter months.


Orders for large quantities of our Clear Toy Candies may require additional time, up to 7 days, to create and ship your order. Local delivery and store pickup, please call to place your order.

Glass Candy
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