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Why Candy Makes for a Great Holiday Gift

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

One of the things that people look forward to in the holiday season is giving gifts to loved ones. You get to delight your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc and watch happiness spread across their faces as you surprise them.

Have you ever thought about the gift of hand-made candy? Yes, candy. Here's why you should consider gifting candy this holiday season:

It's a crowd-pleaser!

When getting holiday gifts for family and friends, it's important to choose something that they'll actually like. Of course, the simple act of gift-sharing is sweet and courteous enough to be appreciated by your loved ones. Rather than the risk of getting them something they won't really use, why not acquire some classic candy in their preferred flavors. Hardly anyone can turn down the rich, sweetness of delicious candy. This way, you'll be choosing something that is guaranteed to be enjoyed by the recipient.

It's a great choice for "I never know what to get them" scenarios

Perhaps, you can relate to having those "hard to get something for" people in your lives....In such cases, what could you possibly get that they would appreciate?

Yes, you have your answer right there - a delicious assortment of handmade candy. With candy as a gift, you can always surprise such folk, thrill them and have them appreciate you.

It's part of tradition

Perhaps you haven't thought about it until now, but sweets are synonymous with the festive season. Peppermint bark, peanut rolled balls, nonpareils and clear toy candy are all holiday traditions that have endured for many years.

Many people anticipate getting such items at Christmas. Be part of their reason to cheer by getting them some brilliant-tasting candy.

Stop in and see us, or order online!

If you want to surprise your family and friends this Christmas, get them some candy. The surprise on their face will only be matched by their delight while consuming it.

In Jim Thorpe and the surrounding areas, there’s only one place you want to go for your candies - Jenny's Sweets and More. Our candies are made in-house, preservative-free, and available in different flavors. What’s more? They are yummy too! Not to forget, you also get to enjoy free shipping on orders above $125 this holiday season. It can’t get any better!

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